Our Purpose is to reflect the interests of our members at any given time by providing a varied programme of talks. We do not promote a particular theoretical approach. We are not an accrediting body and membership should not be used as an endorsement of professional competence or training.

Our Talks, which take place on a different evening each month, include the following subjects

• Exploration of theory

• Clinical papers

• Current research

• Discussion of contexts such as gender, age, class and culture

• Presentation of organisational settings

• The history of psychotherapy

• AGM – a play, a film, a workshop

Theoretical Approaches commonly heard in our talks include

• Psychoanalysis – Independent Group, Relational, Kleinian

• Psychodynamic counselling

• Attachment-based therapies

• Systems in families and organisations

• Existential therapies

• Jungian therapies

• CBT and Cognitive Psychology

• Body Psychotherapies and Gestalt

• Art Therapies

A Sample of talks from the past 5 years available in the archive

• Caroline Garland – Vengeance and Sacrifice in the Analytic Setting

• Heather Wood – Virtual Sex and the Internal World

• Steve Pearce – Personality Disorder: what helps and what doesn’t?

• Aaron Balick – The Loss of Therapist Anonymity in the Google Generation

• Marie Bradley – No Man’s Land: Working with Children in Transition

• Oliver Turnbull – Emotion, Intuition and the Neuroscience of False Beliefs

• Jenny Ronayne – Counselling People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

• Helen Morgan – Between Fear and Blindness: the White Therapist and Black Patient

Our Committee, elected annually, consists of a chair, treasurer, secretary, membership secretary, communications coordinator, programme organisers and bulletin editors. Sharing in the work of the committee is open to all members and provides a valued contribution to continuing professional development.